About Us

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The Center
The Center for Drug Test Information is just that: a central, one-stop location for:
-                 information on the latest drug testing laws
-                 answers to your research questions
-                 policy information and templates
-                 training
The Center’s “blended” approach—live training and presentations, DVD media and publications, and online training—means high-quality programs that deliver a consistent message. Federal, state, private, and labor organizations will benefit from The Center’s integrated programs. 
The Center was organized by Chicago attorney Bill Judge and educational program developer Richard Buckley. 
The Center brings comprehensive, state-specific and program-specific compliance information and training to the world of workplace drug/alcohol testing.
The Center creates a community atmosphere where everyone involved in workplace drug/alcohol testing can come to get answers.
The Partners
Bill Judge: With over 24 years of litigation and research experience in workplace drug/alcohol testing issues, Bill combs through the complex patchwork of state laws and program implementation within each state. Sorting through these complex puzzles and putting them into plain English is what Bill does.
Richard Buckley: Richard has produced Department of Transportation (DOT) and work place substance abuse prevention video based training materials for supervisors and employees as long as Bill has been fighting over the issues. These programs have won numerous awards and are in wide use. Using a risk management loss control point of view these programs are designed to protect organizations.