Issues at a Glance

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Issues At-A-Glance helps employers and their advisers to know what states limit random testing, limit discipline, limit the use of instant/on-site test devices, etc. Multi-state employers struggle to keep up with changes in state laws where they operate. Over 30 issues have been flushed out state-by-state so you don’t have to.

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Do you know. . .
Which states require a written policy for drug/alcohol testing?
Which states prohibit hair testing?
Which states permit on-site testing?
Which states prohibit discipline upon the first positive?
Which states require written notice of a positive
The world of workplace drug and alcohol testing is complicated. For multi-state employers it is even more complex. In most multi-state workplace there may be numerous work populations to which different laws or rules may apply. 
Federal rules, state laws, court decisions, arbitration awards, union agreements, contract requirements and more all impact your company’s program and its implementation.
For example, did you realize that. . .
  • 21 states require non-regulated, private employers to use an MRO.
  • 13 states require private, non-regulated employers to follow DOT rules.
  • 6 states require private, non-regulated employers to follow HHS guidelines.
  • 16 states require employers to give written notice of a positive.
  • 12 states have voluntary, workers compensation incentive programs.
  • Some states permit on-site testing, others specifically prohibit it.
  • Some states limit or prohibit random testing.
  • Some states prohibit hair testing, others specifically permit it.
  • Some states require reasonable suspicion at the time of a post-accident test.
Do you know the rules that apply to you? Is your advisor aware of these rules and in compliance? If you don’t know the answer to these and many other questions you could be at risk.
The following Issues at a Glance Guides are currently available for download at $19.95 each. They feature easy to use tables with explanatory notations explaining state by state what you need to know .
  • Criminal / Civil Sanctions
  • Education / Training Required by State
  • Times to Contact MRO
  • Discipline: Limited by State
  • Random Testing: Limited by State
  • Permits Instant Testing
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Presumptive Intoxication/Denial of Workers Compensation
  • MRO Issues
  • Reporting Violations to State / Required Testing
  • Adulteration / Defraud a Crime
  • Alcohol Limits by State
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements and State Mandatory Laws
  • Requires Drug / Alcohol Testing Per Federal Regulations: DOT v. DHHS
  • Hair Testing
  • Negative-Dilute: DOT v. DHHS
  • Onsite Testing
  • Post-Accident and/or Post-Injury Defined
  • Employer Reference Immunity
  • Requires Reporting of Violation to the State / Requires Testing of Certain Jobs
  • FDA Proved Test Devices Required
  • Safety-Sensitive Defined
  • Split/Retest Request Times
  • Workers Compensation Incentive Program
  • Workers Compensation Premium Discounts
  • School Bus Companies / Drivers and Drug Testing
  • Specimen/Sample Defined
  • Split Sample Collection Required
  • States with Voluntary, Mandatory, and Required Laws
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You may also purchase issues individually from the Publications section of our online store.