Policy Development

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Care must be taken when developing a company’s workplace drug/alcohol test policy, especially for any multi-state employer. No longer can multi-state employers establish a single plan to be used everywhere. State-by-State, and in some cases individual City issues, must be considered.

There are differences, and some limitations, regarding who, what, where, when and how testing can be done. You must also consider the various state programs in each state in which you operate. For example in Georgia or Mississippi will you participate in the drug-free workers’ compensation premium discount programs? Or in Missouri do you intend to use a positive test to defeat an unemployment claim? If your answer is “no” we ask “why not?” Taking advantage of these programs will maximize your financial benefit of drug testing. When you don’t participate in available programs you are leaving significant dollars on the table. In this economy how can anyone justify that??!!! 

We’ve done all the work for you. We have researched the statutes, regulations AND court cases in each state and provided sample policies for any program you may choose. 

You pay just $300 for your first state and only $75 for each state thereafter. For this fee you get access to the following:

  1. A state law summary;
  2. Sample Policies (for each available program);
  3. A policy implementation checklist;
  4. Managers’ Guide (handout);
  5. FORMS (required or suggested);
  6. Cases related to policy issues.

Now there is no excuse not to take advantage of each state’s incentive programs.