Policy Review

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You have developed your company policy but you’re not sure it’s right, that it accurately reflects state and local rules. These days you better be sure. Too many employers are loosing cases because their policy didn’t follow the applicable rules. 

Use our Policy Toolbox to help you. Each state has been researched to determine not only the rules that apply but the rules that apply to each available program. (e.g. work comp. premium discount, unemployment claim denial, etc). 

You pay just $300 for your first state and only $75 for each state thereafter. For this fee you get access to the following: 

  1. A state law summary;
  2. Sample Policies (for each available program);
  3. A policy implementation checklist;
  4. Managers’ Guide (handout);
  5. FORMS (required or suggested);
  6. Cases related to policy issues.

 Now there is no excuse for not getting it right.